July 2013

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Plant Sourcing from South Devon to Italy

Plant sourcing can be great fun for the client too!  We are delighted arrange for our clients to accompany us on plant sourcing trips and we use a variety of local nurseries around Devon and Cornwall. There is something really therapeutic about seeing a tree, especially a field grown tree in the ground and selecting it to be lifted as a bare root specimen for the client’s garden.  The client will receive the tree over the winter period from Nov to Feb, and sometimes into Mar.

The after photo was taken during this garden's first spring.

Brown to Bright -Recent Project

Any major project when executed efficiently, will at some stage involve a  whole lot of mud!  At the start there is the green, the clearance.  This is where we/contractors get our hands dirty and actually start to rid the space of the existing.

A Planting Plan in Devon

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