Plant Sourcing from South Devon to Italy

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Plant sourcing can be great fun for the client too!  We are delighted arrange for our clients to accompany us on plant sourcing trips and we use a variety of local nurseries around Devon and Cornwall. There is something really therapeutic about seeing a tree, especially a field grown tree in the ground and selecting it to be lifted as a bare root specimen for the client’s garden.  The client will receive the tree over the winter period from Nov to Feb, and sometimes into Mar.

I have included an image of a Pittosporum Tobira 'Nana' , the Japanese mock orange, which I sourced recently from the South Hams. This plant is absolutely super as it gives a real bit of winter structure and in this case will create an evergreen feature for a patio planting arrangement.  You will never find a large specimen like this in your local nursery and sometimes if you want to get a strong statement piece or you need you garden to have instant impact, then plant sourcing is the option.

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