Construction Documentation

Garden Designer Specifies Pavingi offer a full construction support service which includes producing:

SETTING OUT PLANS – these are detailed plans that allow the Contractor to execute the design exactly, ie being able to lay down and link shapes, the placement of key trees, rills, streams etc.  This can be particularly useful in complex designs, formal settings or the creation of curvy linear designs.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS – a full build specification for the garden can be produced, detailing the material and construction methods to be used.  Specific Construction Drawings can be provided for key elements such as: walls, steps, paving, pergolas or water.  The specification gives detailed instruction & information on quality and working methods required, while the construction drawings graphically illustrate exactly how things must be built.  For example, the picture opposite's construction detail would indicate the sub base, the retaining edging and mortar, the suppiler of the handmade bricks, their size/lay pattern, the fact that a sand and soil fill dressing would be used to allow Moss and Erigeron karvinskianus to self seed in the path.

Garden Designer - Construction Drawing

Example set of Construction Drawings:

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