Wildflower Meadow Design

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Naturalised Crocus - wildflower meadow design

Spring Interest in a meadow

One of the mainstays of our early colour for spring meadow bulb planting.

Devon Wildflower Meadow

Alliums in one of our meadows

Last year we caused a stir when we scattered 2000 bulbs over cleared ground. We then laid 100m of wildflower turf as part of this garden's design.

The Alliums f(eatured) were simply stunning - think Highgrove.

Annual Meadows

Colour quickly - Devon Planting

Sometimes we incorporate annual wildflower meadows in our garden designs.  The quick germinating seed can make excellent cutting garden patches or perhaps infill an area for a summer until funds allow the next stage of a design.


Meadow bulb

Cammassias, one of our favourite bulbs.  Such a stunning addition to your wild flower meadow.  Architectural spikes of blue,  the perfect succession plant to follow the dwarf narcissi we like to use in our meadow designs.

Wildflower Meadow and its Wildlife

A rare peacock butterfly - loves the meadow turf

Whenever we install wildflower meadows - one of the delights is the feedback from our clients. It's normally a photo of a bee/butterfly or indeed a terrier or a cat enjoying the meadow. Fabulous!

Wildflower Species Rich Mix

Devon Wildflower Turf

There are many wildflower turfs on the market.  Soil and site analysis are critical.  Here the balance of emergent flowers and grasses is perfect.

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