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My Story

Born and raised in Devon's South Hams, even as a child I had passions for both design and the environment. Whilst work took me away from Devon, wherever I made a home, I always strived to create beautiful outdoor spaces for myself and my family. On returning to my roots near the River Dart, and following formal garden design training, I turned my passions and flair into a successful business. As a company, we now work on multiple projects across the southwest and southern england.

Always, highly focused on delivering inspirational designs that meet your aspirations, we try to create spaces that sit naturally in their environment. The company has become specialised in dealing with steep coastal and river side locations, where often access is limited - some of the complex gardens built to date have had to come through the front door!

Our favourite bit of the build is probably the specification of unique features, from pergolas to water features. We work with a talented group of local artisans from blacksmiths, stone masons, ceramicists to carpenters. 

We really love to create perennial wildflower meadows stuffed for of bulbs and elegant cool coastal schemes.

As to a style each garden is unique to our clients, site and budget.

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