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Outdoor Kitchen Garden

Client's Brief

  • Ergonomic entertaining area.
  • Outdoor cooking with indoor convenience.
  • Practical but stylish design.
  • Utilise existing smoker.
  • Maximise views from garden but maintain privacy.
  • Scent & colour in planting.

We Did

  • Adjusted landscape levels to sink dining area - retaining view, increasing privacy.
  • Designed a planting scheme that afforded all year-round colour and scent (bulbs, blossom, berries and foliage colour transitions - acid spring greens to autumnal reds).
  • Fresh herbs around cooking area.
  • Designed bespoke lighting & irrigation schemes.
  • Designed bespoke kitchen unit to accommodate client's smokery; including sink, storage and shelves.
  • Designed bespoke corten raised planters.
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