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The Journey

The Process

Offering the full range of design services, we listen and support our clients to achieve the inspirational outdoor space they dream of: 


1. The Consultation

This 2 hour, paid for, service starts with a tour of your garden, followed by a detailed discussion of:

  • What you want from your outdoor space, your Client Brief.
  • How this Client Brief could be realised in the space through soft and hard landscaping.
  • How we can assist you achieve this transformation.
2. The Design

We develop an initial Concept Design, matching your Client Brief, for your approval. 

Once in agreement, we produce the full design package, including:

  • Outline Plan
  • Planting Plan
  • Plant Schedule
  • Hard Landscaping Specifications
  • Hard Landscaping Setting Out Plan 
3. Project Management

From contractor selection through periodic inspections, contractor liaison and final quality assurance, our Project Management services ensure that your design becomes the garden you dreamed of.

Many of the projects we work on are secondary residences where our clients are abroad/away; our Project Management provides regular communication; reassuring you of progress made and assuring you that your outdoor space transformation is stress and anxiety free.

4. Plant Sourcing & Installation

Through our network of nurseries, both at home and abroad, we are able to source and install the full range of plants and trees specified in our design at a highly competitive price.

5. Maintenance

Once a garden is in the final stages of completion, its important to think about its successful handover to you and we can readily supply an annual maintenance schedule. 

This Maintenance Plan includes care instructions - overwintering, cutting back, propagation etc against all specified plants and care plans for specific features eg water features.

Training can also be provided for you or your maintenance providers.

The garden Design Journey process
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